Welcome to Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, Japan


Who we Are?

We are the people who are residing in Japan, and are at constant resolve to “Pay Back to Society”

The basic idea behind this mission’s functioning is to prepare Ambedkarite NRIs here, to “PAY BACK TO THE SOCIETY”. The members are of the opinion that all the educated dalits including NRIs are a product of Dr. Ambedkar’s life long crusade. The logical end of Dr. Ambedkar’s mission was to restore human rights to every suffering dalit and downtrodden in India.

The main thrust of the mission’s activities is –

(1) To create awareness among the dalits to fight for their rights.

(2) To provide direct help to needy people through welfare programmes.

(3) To create our own media.

The above objectives are to be achieved by generating resources within the community. This was achieved by way of regular contributions from the members.

AIM Japan Establishment :

The activities of AIM Japan were started from 112th Birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar celebrated on 19th April 2003 at Toyota city, Japan.

AIM is a self dependent organization run by all the members. Members of AIM Japan contribute a particularly fixed minimum amount on monthly or quarterly basis.

Members Of AIM Japan :

AIM members are mainly Buddhists who have received an opportunity to come to Japan. The basic motivation among the members for formation of AIM is


Members are not limited to Buddhist Community as long as there is devotion and dedication for the Buddhist and all downtrodden communities in India and other part of the world. Participation in AIM activities are not limited to the members only but anyone can attend the meetings, participate in our activities to guide us and share their valuable knowledge, experiences for the betterment of AIM activities.

Members / Participants can contribute irrespective of their participation in AIM activities. AIM believes that only the monetary contribution is not a mean of “PAY BACK TO SOCIETY” but voluntary contributions will also help us to bring change Buddhist and downtrodden people.

AIM Japan Main Focus:

The main focus of AIM Japan is on Backward and poor class education. Education is one of the strongest means to create awareness among backward class people to fight for their rights.