The original Buddhist and the staunch followers of Dr. Ambedkar working in Japan since last 15 years has started their get together and brain storming on how the humanistic cultural exchange can be achieved between the Indian and Japanese Buddhist community. With this objective, a local branch named “Dr. Ambedkar International Mission (AIM), Japan” was officially announced and started since April 14th, 2001 on the occasion of Dr. Ambekdkar’s birth anniversary. Many different activities on cultural exchange of Buddhist communities are accomplished till date.

Following are the main objectives of “Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, Japan”.
1. Spread the original Buddha’s teachings of India among Japanese Buddhist Community.
2. Distribute the literatures (English and Japanese) of Dr. Ambedkar to Japanese Buddhist community.
3. Spread the Japanese Humanistic culture from Day-To-Day life to Indian Buddhist community in India
4. Educate Japanese Language, Business culture and humanistic manners to the Indian Buddhist people living in Japan
5. Educate English Speaking, reading and writing skills to the Japanese Buddhist people.
6. Educate Indian popular mathematical logic skills to the Japanese Buddhist people.
7. Exchange Japanese school educational system (Building a Humanistic Nature) to the schools in India
8. Organize Buddhist cultural events in Japan.
9. Co-ordinate with other NGO/NPO’s in Japan to exchange voluntary projects and activities for nation’s development.
10. Partnership with the local Japanese Universities to establish the research in Dalit and Dr. Ambedkar’s Studies.
11. Support to the local Japanese universities to enroll Indian Buddhist communities for higher studies, research, post doctorate fellowship and employment.
12. Volunteer support for any emergencies like Earthqquake, Tsunami etc.
13. Help the needy Indian Buddhist students for their higher education and employment opportunities in JAPAN.
14. Exchange Japanese technology for the benefits and welfare of under privileged people of India e.g. eradicating the manual scavenging system of India by exporting Bio-Gas technology, Water Treatment system to India
15. Exchange High tech systems knowledge of Japan used in Day to Day life e.g. Railways, Bus, Road, Housing system, Washlets etc to Indian community for the community development objectives towards a green world
16. Support Japanese organizations to develop bilingual resources in Japan and India to help their business growth.

Following are the global objectives of “Dr. Ambedkar International Mission’s”:
AIM’s objective is to bring the Social Awareness among the society by Voice against Atrocities. Help minorities in Educational and Career Development and create employment opportunities. Make free distribution of the Dr. Ambedkar’s Literature books who had diminished the caste system by constitution of India.

AIM’s vision is to strive for Equality, Restore human rights to every suffering individual. AIM prepares Ambedkarite NRI’s to the “PAY BACK To THE SOCIETY” and help for the upliftment of Buddhist and Downtrodden people in India regardless of their religion.

AIM supports Buddhist International School (BIS) in Nagpur. AIM in association with India’s premier Coaching Institutes provided affordable coaching to needy students for competitive exams. AIM co-sponsors Self Defense and Awareness program for women in India to combat violence against sexual abuse AIM organizes programs in Columbia University, Indian Consulates and at various locations globally to engage Global Communities for raising voice for the rights of the most downtrodden people in India AIM helps NGO’s in India dedicated to women education, leadership and entrepreneurship. AIM donates scholarly Literature to libraries worldwide. AIM promotes research in Dalit and Ambedkar’s Studies by organizing events and partnering with Universities. AIM provides education and career support to needy students.