right3green Who we Are?

We are the people who are residing in Japan, and are at constant resolve to “Pay Back to Society”

The basic idea behind this mission’s functioning is to prepare Ambedkarite NRIs here, to “PAY BACK TO THE SOCIETY”. The members are of the opinion that all the educated dalits including NRIs are a product of Dr. Ambedkar’s life long crusade. The logical end of Dr. Ambedkar’s mission was to restore human rights to every suffering dalit and downtrodden in India.

The main thrust of the mission’s activities is –

(1) To create awareness among the dalits to fight for their rights.

(2) To provide direct help to needy people through welfare programmes.

(3) To create our own media.

The above objectives are to be achieved by generating resources within the community. This was achieved by way of regular contributions from the members.